HP Regen, Shields, Heal Waves... you name it! Or better... you draw it! Be the backbone of your party and save them from any kind of difficult situations. Don't let anyone die, they count on you!

Made with love for the GJL Game Parade Spring 2022 game jam by F4STUDIO following the theme "Every Life Counts"

- Design -

Alessandro Del Gatto

Davide Perdon

- Coding -

Martin Babino

Willy Utano

- Art -

Federico Cao 

Andrea Molteni

Still here? Well, then don't forget the game is out even on mobile! Feel free to download the apk down below! >:D


HolyShieldAndroid Polished.apk 76 MB
HolyShieldWindows Polished.zip 62 MB
HolyShieldAndroid.apk 76 MB
HolyShieldWindows.zip 74 MB

Development log


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Wow cool game! Really impressed and love the gameplay. Think you would be a great fit for the Italian game jam we are hosting. If you are interested you can check it out here: https://adrenalinerush.gamejam.it

Keep up the great work!


noice game rating:23/10


I really like the music of the game. Plus the simple gameplay makes it enjoyable. The difficulty level also ramps us per level. But the marker used to make the spells is too big, which makes it really tough to create a sign without messing it a couple of times.

Otherwise a really fun game to play

Thanks for your feedback buddy :) much appreciated!