You and a sword, what could go wrong?

Find it out in MayaM where your only weapon is a cursed sword which will try to consume your mortal essence by growing more and more. How can you survive then? Quite simple, just keep breaking the sword! Be careful though, keep in mind that the weapon is cursed and every fragment you break from her will try to follow you to rejoin with the sword.

Made with love for the GJL Fall 2021 game jam by F4STUDIO following the theme "leave something behind"

- Design -

Davide Perdon

- Programming -

Martin Babino

Willy Utano

- Art -

Federico Cao 

Sofia Malossini

Andrea Molteni

Sarah Rusmiputro

A special thank goes to Luca Firpo and our beloved voice actor Marco Cominassi.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsAndrea Molteni, UpseT-rex, fen.xust, Willy Utano, redd096, Davide Perdon, Federico Simone Cao
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Magic, Pixel Art, Slasher, Swords, Unity


MayaM - Windows First Week 27 MB


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cool arcade




Very polished game! you kept the scope at the minimum which is good. I learned something from this game. gameplay was topnotch! keep up the good work!

Thanks buddy! :D


that was too much fun, I can’t wait for more! Also I loved the original idea on the health system. 
(1 edit) (+3)

Oh my god Sir you just made my day! Seeing you have fun playing our game is the best!!!


Damn i loved it. The idea it quite original, at least i didn't see something like it before. The controls are challenging, i like games that require to get used to. The boss fight seemed too easy for me tho. And bonus points for buttons voice sounds xD.


Thank you for trying out our game! We really appreciate your feedback! We'll try to make the boss more challenging for sure! ^^


Really cool concept! 

I wish the control system was somewhat less atrocious.

Good job!


Very Stylish and cool, big thumbs up guys. 


Thank you! :D