Year 2420.
Humanity went extinct as a result of global warming. Animals have taken possession of a planet without any more resources, they must survive on the only things they can find. It is up to you to rebuild a new future by looking for what you need to create your last hope: "the garden".

So, what are you waiting for!? Grab a weapon and start shoting! But remember, the quality of the objects you will buy are not as good as you think: you will be able to use them only once, so choose them carefully!

Made with love for the GJL Jam 2021 by F4STUDIO
following the theme "one time use"

Davide Perdon

Martin Babino

Federico Cao
Daiana Gigliotti
Andrea Molteni

Marco Cominassi

Soundtrack made by OkamiDeluxe


WOLO Polished 67 MB
WOLO FirstWeek 67 MB

Development log


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Cool art, a little confusing how the toilet paper is counted, but in the end the mission was done so.. WOLO! 


Thank you for the feedback buddy, glad you enjoyed our game! Also nice video! I have to tell you, however, that what you mistook for a "seven" was actually a "one", in fact in the font we used they can be easily confused with each other and that can be misleading.


Oh, well then things make more sense. :)


Bellissimo gioco, complimenti!!

Ahah grazie mille! :)


Wow, this game is amazing!! It doesn't even look like it was made in one week only, because it's so much well done and detailed!!

Thank you so much ahah! So happy you liked the game ^^

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so sweet game ...bravi

thanks! really appreciate it :D


The design of this game is extremely detailed, captivating and enjoyable, a really great job!


Thank you so much! Glad you liked our game!  :)